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Interview: TAMiKA

Heute erwartet Euch ein Highlight: ein Interview mit TAMiKA Edwards Otto! TAMiKA hat mit mir über die Produktion Ihres Albums "Piece of Mind", die Entstehung der Songs, die Sisters (Keepers) und vieles mehr gesprochen. Aber bevor es los geht, gibt´s zur Einstimmung erst einmal TAMiKA´s neues Video zum Song "On my own" - viel Spaß!

Du hast Dein Album "Piece of Mind" im März 2012 veröffentlicht - wie lange hast Du daran gearbeitet und wo wurde es produziert?

TAMiKA: Yes I released my album "Piece of Mind" March 2012 and it was produced by different producers. A.L.T.A.F.A.A.N from Kingston, Jamaica produced 'What You Think', Firehouse from Kingston produced 'Better Love', 'Gotta Focus' is a PowPow Production, 'Needed You' and 'Enough' is produced by Oneness Records, 'Stand my Ground' is a French production from Tune In Crew, 'The Closer I Get' is produced by Silly Walks, 'How You Love Me' is a BigFinga Production just to name a few. So I can say it's a worldwide production. I recorded the majority of the vocals at home in my studio. I was singing a few songs on tour with Gentleman already such as 'Better Love' and 'Gotta Focus' back in 2009, 2010. It wasn't until a had a collection of songs that I realized I had an album. Piece of Mind.

Hast Du einen Lieblingssong auf "Piece of Mind"?

TAMiKA: Favorite Track. That's a hard one. I really love all the songs on my album. Of course they're some that I listen to and perform more than others. So I don't really have favorites they are all my babies. I really enjoy listening to the last song on my album. It was produced by Ben Bazzazian. 

Wie entsteht typischerweise ein Song von Dir?

TAMiKA: I use to write lots of lyrics and down and when I find a riddim that I like, I would transpose it to fit the tune. Lately I receive lots riddims and the one that I catch a vibe on immediately I will write to that one.

Gibt es Künstler mit denen Du zukünftig gerne einmal zusammenarbeiten würdest?

TAMiKA: There are a few artist I would like to work with. Being that I hosted the Virginia Reggae Awards 2012 I met a lot of upcoming artist in the community that I grew up in. So I definitely would like to support artists from VA. I also would like to mix it up a bit and step out of the box and combine another genre of music with mine. It will have a different sound. 

Wirst Du in diesem Jahr wieder auf Tour sein?

TAMiKA: Yes I will definitely be on tour again this year with Gentleman as well as doing Tamika shows around some of our tour dates. We will have a tour at the end of the year and also performing at festivals. In between I will have my own shows. For TAMiKA bookings, you can contact Rodney at

Du hast in der letzten Zeit ein paar Konzerte mit den Sisters gespielt - stehen weitere Konzerte an?

TAMiKA: Yes, I played a few shows with Sisters in the last months since I had some time off from touring. Since I'm focusing on my solo career and working with my husband, there's not always so much time and space to plan shows together with Sisters. I will be performing with the Sisters for a show in March and one in April.

Du bist mit deinem Mann auf Tour - wie schafft Ihr es persönliches und geschäftliches zu trennen?

TAMiKA: Managing personal and business while being on tour was a learning experience of there's a time and a place for everything. It's about giving each other the space we want and being there for one another when needed.

Was sind deine nächsten Schritte?

The next step for me is to continue my musical path by writing songs and performing. I love to be on the stage. I would like to bring out an Ep later in the year with new songs I have worked on. The journey continues ...

Vielen Dank für das Interview, TAMiKA!

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