Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 2014

A note from Matisyahu

Ein Rückblick auf das vergangene Jahr von Matisyahu:

It's been a year: of continued struggle with inner demons, ups & downs, patterns, tying up loose ends, further explorations, endless open roads, airports and my constantly breaking bus. Finding our way through this universe. One tiny moment in time. To shine. To try and get it right. I give thanks for my new baby daughter Sasha Lil and for the health of my 3 beautiful little boys who are my golden sunshine. For music. I am ever evolving in my approach and appreciation of new music and its accessibility. For my record "Akeda", which I feel so honestly expresses my journey at such a pivotal time in my life. Thank you for the continued experience and challenge to create and perform. For you the fans who..Keep circle'n' like helicopter blades... And we keep circling this earth in search of you. Airplanes, airports, tour buses, and hotels over 200 days a year. Seasons, times, days, cities swirling into a Facebook timeline of your life. I shall continue with the help of god and those around me. Family, band mates, crew, fans. We will, god willing, take some time this winter and spring to reflect and take an accounting of the last couple of years since the creation of "Akeda" and see what this next period of life tastes like. Sounds like. We will record and try to release soon. As in potentially this summer with a new record. In the meantime, I have features and unreleased singles and videos we will be sharing through the cold months. Of course I will continue to play shows through the spring and summer and fall and winter and...So forth 

To the fans in the far reaches of the earth, know that I am always looking to come play wherever you are and it is just a matter of time. In the meantime, I am honing my skills for you. 

Give thanks and praise
To God 
To Music
To humanity
To life

As a footnote, I would like to say to the fans who suspended judgment until listening to the new songs, who were patient and treated me with compassion and empathy, you have been a blazing ray of light in my life. And for those who were less compassionate, I heard your words, I took them in. Thank you for the fuel for my fire! Blaze on! Let me have the humility of Moshe, to hold the flame with out being consumed, his quality of water to balance and the strength to let it burn brightly though mountains of darkness and silence. Screaming until a soft voice is heard. The voice of a single candle burning infinite hope through generations of blood. A flame of God. A burning bush in the palm of our hand reaching up. Open to the creator and creation as one. One being. One day. 

- Matisyahu                                

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