Samstag, 9. Dezember 2017

Fire In The Sky [Video]

Der Song "Fire In The Sky" von SOJA gehört definitiv zu meinen Lieblingssong vom aktuellen Album "Poetry in Motion". Ab sofort ist auch das dazugehörige Video verfügbar - starker Song und dazu gibt es ein wirklich starkes Musikvideo mit tollen Bildern!

Jacob Hemphill hat zum Release des Videos noch ein paar ganz persönliche Worte hinzugefügt, welche die Wichtigkeit des Song für die Band nochmals unterstreichen ...
“I wrote Fire In The Sky outside the airport in Argentina after a band member lost a family member. I was reflecting on his loss as well as my own personal close relationship with the family member. The song is about how beautiful it is to be alive even though all of us at times question our purpose in being here and can be terrified by the fact that we all must leave at some point. In the song, the verses are the storyteller asking all these questions and being confused about our purpose on earth by slipping into the specific detail of each minute and second on earth and losing sight of the bigger picture and the larger beauty and motion of this world. The chorus is then the storyteller stepping way back out of the specific detail of an individual’s life and looking at Earth as a whole from space, “the black,” and realizing how we’re all connected, and there is a plan much bigger than any one of us. We’re all this beautiful “poetry in motion.” We’re all “the fire in the sky.”

Order: SOJA - Poetry In Motion 

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